Week 9 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

The Tuesday match between Brennan’s 2 and Cozy Inn 1 has been postponed and will be played December 15th.  Results from that match will be posted once it has been played.

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Mike Waddles (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Jorge Galeano (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Darrell McCullough (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Angel Gomez x2 (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Mike Waddles (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Juan Manzo (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Jorge Galeano (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Emil Marin (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Darrell McCullough (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Angel Castellanos (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday), Rick Kelly (Gabe’s 3 – Wednesday)

Week 8 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

There are still many teams that owe money, and very few teams have been putting anything towards what they owe.  If you show that your teams owes money, please get this money paid.  If you are confused about what you owe, you can click on your team name for a breakdown, or contact me at djmichaelbasic@gmail.com

The Wednesday Match between Cock & Bull 1 vs Brennan’s 3 did not text or email me their score sheets, so their stats have not been updated.

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Joe Pacchanelli (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Gip Gipson (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Arnold Castellanos (90 West 1 – Tuesday)

Honor Roll – Everette Klien (Rack N Shack 2 – Tuesday), Jorge Galeano (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Roscoe Brown (Brennan’s 2 – Tuesday), Angel Gomez (Brennan’s 2 – Tuesday), Mike Waddles (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Jason Totaro (90 West 3 – Wednesday), Tom Okimoto (90 West 3 – Wednesday), Emil Marin (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

Week 7 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

A bunch of score sheets ended up in the envelope section of the lockbox.  Please make sure when you are turning in your score sheet that you put it in the slot, not in the section where the empty envelopes are.  If you have to fold your envelope to make it fit, go ahead and fold it.

With those sheets found, there are still a few missing, and a bunch of unpaid dues and fees.  Please get caught up on owed dues.

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Lorenzo Gillenwater (Cock & Bull 2 – Tuesday), Colin Angle (90 West 2 – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Angela Aquino (90 West 4 – Tuesday), Charlie Thun (Lost & Found – Tuesday)

Honor Roll –Jorge Galeano (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Arnold Castellanos (90 West 1 – Tuesday) Chris Walker (Cock & Bull 2 – Tuesday), Stan Momii (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Chad Kurokawa (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Gip Gipson (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Mike Shaw (Brennan’s 2 – Tuesday), Al Martinez (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday), Arnold Castellanos (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Emil Marin (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Angela Aquino (90 West 2 – Wednesday)

Week 6 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

Reminders for the week:  You can only use the Pea Game rule once per half.  Week 14 starts the 2nd half of the season.

Make sure you turn in your score sheets and money.  There are quite a few missing score sheets at this point.  Check the tab on the left for info about what sheets are missing and who is responsible for turning them in.  Score sheets are to be turned in the night of play.  If this isn’t possible on a given night, please email me to let me know at djmichaelbasic@gmail.com

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Dale Kurihara (90 West 4 – Tuesday), Arnold Castellanos (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Rae Degourville (Rack N Shack 2 – Tuesday), Mike Shaw (Brennan’s 1 – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Bryan Padilla (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Jorge Galeano (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Roland Haines (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Darrell McCullough (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Gip Gipson (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Bryan Shilton (Gabe’s 2 – Tuesday), Lawrence Weisdorn (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Joe Pacchanelli (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday)

Week 5 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

Notes for this week:  While in BCA it is a rule that a player racks there own balls, there is no such rule in our league.  It has always been the non breaking player who racks the balls for the breaker.  If anyone would like this rule changed, it must, as all rule changes, be brought up at a captain’s meeting or other membership wide event for a vote.

Also, there were some complaints about the new website and how it displays the schedule.  People were confused because it displays Home team first and Away team second.  I changed the schedule so that now one column has both teams and another column has the venue the match is to be played at.  Hopefully that alleviates confusion.

I’d still love to hear feedback on the new website so that I can make any necessary changes to make things easy to read.  Remember that you can click on teams anywhere they are listed and see that teams schedule, standings, and stats.  If you want to see results from an individual match, go to that team’s page, find the match in their results list and click on the score to be taken to a page with detailed event results, including an image of the score sheet and any owed dues info for that night.

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Dale Kurihara (90 West 4 – Tuesday), Lawrence Weisdorn (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Darrell McCullough (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break –

Honor Roll – Dale Kurihara (90 West 4 – Tuesday), Stan Momii (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), John Smith (Gabe’s 3 – Wednesday), Mike Shaw (Brennan’s 1 – Wednesday)

Week 4 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

Note that on the Schedules and Standings pages for each night you can see what dues each team owes.  If you click on a particular team, included in the information on the team’s page is a breakdown of what dues are unpaid.

Also note that new teams are required to pay $80/week in dues for the first half of the season and $0/week for the second half, which is why some of the new teams are already behind a good amount of money.  Please try to get caught up on owed dues so that fines do not have to be levied.

The images of the score sheets from the Tuesday Match between Brennan’s 2 vs. Brennan’s 4 and the Wednesday Match between 90 West 2 vs. Gabe’s 1 were not sent to me so those matches are not yet updated.

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Arnold Castellanos (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Gip Gipson (Brennan’s 4 – Wednesday), Angel Gomez (Brennan’s 2 – Tuesday)

8 Ball Break – Al Martinez (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Soo Kim (Lost & Found – Tuesday), Arnold Castellanos (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Jorge Galeano (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Tod Lofing (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Juan Manzo (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Pepe Vasquez (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday), Angel Gomez (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday), Ray Callahan (Cozy Inn 2 – Wednesday), John Sieben (Cozy Inn 2 – Wednesday), Ken Blackford (Cock & Bull 1 – Wednesday), Darrell McCulloughx2  (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday and Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Gip Gipson (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Jorge Galeano (90 West 2 – Wednesday)

Week 3 Results

Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

You can also click any team name to see that teams roster, schedule and standings, or click the results to see all the info about that particular match!  Also note that the score sheet images are now posted to the match.

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Tod Lofing (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Gip Gipson (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Arnold Castellanos (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Chad Kurokawa (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Tod Lofing (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Mike Waddles (Brennan’s 4 – Tuesday), Lawrence Weisdorn (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Joe Pacchanelli (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Evan Pritchard (Cozy Inn 3 – Wednesday), Colin Angle (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Oswald Colunga (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Bryan Padilla (90 West 3 – Wednesday), Arnold Castellanos (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Darrell McCullough (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)


New Website Backend

Over the last few weeks (since before the season started), I’ve been putting a lot of work into redoing the back end of the website.  The software the league has used to input results is very outdated, difficult to use, and unable to be configured.  Starting this week, I’m moving to a new system.  While it isn’t a perfect system, it is quite necessary.  There are some things about this new system I cannot change, however, there are a lot of things I have control over that I didn’t before.

As such, I look forward to any feedback anyone may have.  I’ll do my best to give the site all the functionality that the old one had, plus some new things.

Each team, player, match and venue will have clickable links.  You’ll be able to find stats, venue maps, schedules for individual teams, and more.  Data will be easier to track and edit, and you’ll be able to narrow down information a lot better.

Owed dues will show up right in the standings so they are easy to see, and details about what dues are owed will be noted on your teams page.

I realize some people are averse to change, and some of the changes to the site won’t be to everyone’s liking, but the old software really cannot be used anymore, as it only runs properly on Windows XP, and the only laptop I have with windows XP still on it is on its last legs.

Hopefully everyone will be able to get used to and enjoy the new way the site will work, but again, if you have any feedback, please send it to me at djmichaelbasic@gmail.com

Week 2 Results Have Been Posted

Click the Schedule and Standings link to see all the stats from this weeks matches.

Table Run – Tod Lofing (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Pepe Vasquez (Brennans 3 – Wednesday), Michael Lauta (Cozy Inn 2 – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Jason Totaro (90 West 1 – Tuesday), Arnold Castellanos (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Arnold Castellanos x2 (90 West 1 – Tuesday and Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Everette Klien (Rack n Shack 2). Tod Lofing (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Al Martinez (Brennans 3 – Wednesday), Angel Gomez (Brennans 3 – Wednesday), Jose Anise (90 West 3 – Wednesday), Angela Aquino (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Jorge Galeno (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Julian Levy (90 West 2 – Wednesday), Gip Gipson (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday)

Schedule Changes

The schedule is now current and reflects the following 2 changes.

Scarlet Lady on Tuesday Night has dropped out of the league for this season, so they will turn into a Bye

On Wednesday, a team will be added playing out of Scarlet Lady, which will replace the Wednesday night Bye.

Cock & Bull 1 will need to schedule a makeup match with Scarlet Lady for week 1.

Gabes 3 will play at home tomorrow vs Scarlet Lady

Lost & Found will have a Bye tonight.