Pre-Season Captain’s Meeting

We need to hold a Captains’ Meeting in advance of starting the League season. There are some developments to contend with, such as the impending sale of the Speakeasy. Speakeasy has been sponsor to a number of our teams and we must find new homes for them. It is a good opportunity to get new bars into the League. The agenda below has some other subjects to address.
Remember, a Captains’ Meeting is attended by a captain of each team, or another rep of that team. One vote per team. It will be held @:
SUNDAY  1:00 PM August 23
Home of Mike Schwartz (check the email Pete sent out for Address)
Parking is restricted on Rexford Dr., but you can park on Cashio which is around the corner 3 houses North of Mike’s house.
1. Start dates of season
2. Recruiting of new teams/sponsors
3. Getting contact info for all members
4. Policy for fee collection
5. Discussion of rule changes (past/future)
6. Ideas for half-time event and Awards Party
7. Other agenda suggestions

Captain’s Meeting, Tuesday June 16th 7:30pm at 90 West

We will be holding a captain’s meeting next Tuesday, June 16th at 7:30pm at 90 West Lounge.  We will be discussing some minor rule changes, including rules about fees and payments, and a few other pieces of league business.  If you have anything you want discussed, please be prepared to speak next Tuesday.

Please RSVP to Arnold at so we know how many people to expect.  If you can’t make it but would like to voice anything, let us know so we can bring it up on your behalf.

End of Season Party – Final Reminder

Our End of Season event is this coming Sunday at 2pm at Gabe’s Bar which is located at 2965 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025.  In addition to handing out the prize money, we will go over any pending league business, hold a vote for next years officers, and discuss anything else the membership would like to bring up.

Once the league business is finished we will have a tournament.  As previously noted on this site, this year, a maximum of $160 will be added to the pot.  If less than 32 players enter, $50 will be added, if less than 20 enter, $100 will be added.  (That’s all the details Arnold gave me.)  $10 entry!

The pool tables at Gabe’s have been refelted and leveled this past week just for us, so they should play beautifully.

We will have tacos catered, including rice, beans and salad.  It should be a great event and the entire membership is encouraged to join us.


End of Season Tournament

During our End of Season event, we will have a tournament as usual.  This year, a maximum of $160 will be added to the pot.  If less than 32 players enter, $50 will be added, if less than 20 enter, $100 will be added.  (That’s all the details Arnold gave me.)  $10 entry!

Small Unforeseen Issue with Honor Roll Payouts

** NEW INFO**  So after some digging on the website, it turns out that the information is tracked.  It does show up on the team page that we print out to deliver the money, however, it does appear on the individual performance page in the schedule and standings section which should be easily pulled up by each team on a phone for reference.


One thing I didn’t think about when we voted to pay $2/Honor Roll is that our league software does not track honor rolls.  As such, the only way to track honor rolls is to go through the posts on the website and count your honor rolls.  I realize this is a pain in the butt…but its either anyone who got honor rolls sorts through the website and counts their honor rolls, or I have to do it all myself.  For next season, I’ll come up with some sort of mechanism to track these, but for this season, unfortunately, you’ll have to count them yourselves.

Sorry about that!

End of Season Party

This coming Sunday, May 31st, the End of Season party will be held at Gabe’s:

2965 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

We will start around 2pm with payouts, league business, and a tournament.

If, at this point, you still owe the league money, expect it to be taken out of your payout envelope along with appropriate fines.  This includes the two teams who failed to turn in their scoresheets and money from the final night.

90 West 3 was the visiting team against JPs and did not turn in the sheet.

Cozy Inn 3 was the visiting team against Gabe’s and did not turn in the sheet.

End of Season Party

Our end of season party will be held at 2pm on Sunday, May 24th 31st.  Venue is still pending.

As usual, we will give out awards, nominate and vote on officers, and discuss and vote on any other pending issues.  Watch the site for the location.  Once the location is decided, an email will go out to the membership as well.

End of Season Update

For Tuesday, All teams have paid everything they owe except for Cozy Inn 2 whom I contacted and spoke to in person, so unless they contact me between now and the end of season payout, they will find their envelope short.

For Wednesday, I have not received the score sheet/money from the final week for JPs @ 90 West 3 (JPs responsible for turn-in) and Gabe’s 1 @ Cozy 3 (Gabe’s responsible for turn-in).  90 West 2 is short $10 and 90 West 3 is short a substantial amount as well.

I’m also waiting on a make-up match to be played between JPs and Speakeasy 5.  These sheets need to be turned in and the match needs to be played before I can sort the money for Wednesday.

As soon as I have information about the end of season event, I’ll post it here.

Wednesday Night Results Pending – Makeup Match Next Week

There is one makeup match to be played next week before the final results will be available, however, even with those games yet to be played, the places and top shooter are already set.

Click the Schedule and Standings link to see all the stats for the Wednesday night 2014-2015 Season.

Congratulations to Speakeasy 1 for 1st place!

Congratulations to Jorge Galeno for top shooter!

Table Run – Jorge Galeno (90 West 2 – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Danny Martinez (Cozy Inn 3 – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Gip Gipson (Speakeasy 1 – Wednesday), Darrell McCullough (Speakeasy 1 – Wednesday), Angel Gomez (Brennans 3 – Wednesday), Greg Hawley (JPs – Wednesday)