Week 1 Results

The 2016-2017 season is officially underway.  Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

Tuesday’s Magic Number for dues owed is $840.  Wednesday’s Magic Number is $800.  If your team shows a higher number than that, you are not fully paid up.  Remember that each team owes $40/week plus a one time $80 registration fee.

The Score Sheets and Money for the following matches were not turned in:

90 West 1 @ 90 West 4 (90 West 1 Has Sheet)
90 West 3 @ 90 West 2 (90 West 3 Has Sheet)
Scarlet Lady 3 @ Cozy Inn 2 (Scarlet Lady 3 Has Sheet)

Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Lawrence Weisdorn (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Julian Levy (90 West 4 – Tuesday), Chad Kurokawa (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday)

8 Ball Break – Angela Aquino (90 West 4 – Tuesday)

Honor Roll – Darrell McCullough, (Scarlet Lady 1 – Tuesday) , Mike Waddles (Scarlet Lady 1 – Tuesday) Joe Pacchanelli (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Antonio Robertson (Cozy Inn 1 – Tuesday), Stan Momii (Cozy Inn 4 – Tuesday), Brian Collier (Brennan’s 1 – Wednesday), Lorenzo Gillenwater (Cozy Inn 2 – Wednesday)

Reminder and Clarification

Hey all,

A couple of teams did not text or email me an image of their score sheet last night, so here’s a reminder that this is a requirement.  If you are the visiting team, you MUST text or email me an image of the score sheet before you turn it in.  If you are the home team, it is your job to help the visiting captain remember to do this as you are both signing the score sheet.

Also, a clarification.  The team registration fee is $80/team.  This is in addition to the weekly dues, so to pay everything off on the first night, you’ll need to put in $110.  It’s $110 instead of $120 because of the vote from the end of season event to give each team captain a $10 break on their weekly dues for the first week as a thank you for taking on the role of team captain.

League Starts Tonight!

Hey all, tonight marks the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, so here are a few reminders.

Weekly dues are $40/team.  If you have a sub, if you only have 3 people show up, if you have 5 people show up, none of that matters, each team pays $40/week.

Registration fee is a flat $80/team.  That covers all registration fees including unlimited use of subs for the season.  If you have 4 regular members and nobody misses a week, your team pays an $80 registration fee.  If you have 5 regular members and use 27 subs throughout the course of the season, your team pays an $80 registration fee.  Please try to get this fee paid sooner than later.  If you put in $110* (see next paragraph) tonight, you’re all set.

Lastly, remember that we passed a $10 credit for each team captain at the end of season event last season, so for tonight, captains do not have to pay their weekly dues, so technically if you put in $110 tonight you are covered.

Good luck, play well, and have fun!

Website Ready for New Season – Schedules Posted

The website is now ready for the 2016-2017 season.Check the Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

The Tuesday season will run from September 13th to March 28th and the Wednesday season will run from September 14th to March 22nd.

Tuesday has 12 teams and will have a 22 week season comprised of 2 rounds.
Wednesday has 8 teams and will have a 21 week season comprised of 3 rounds.

Also…an important reminder.  Instead of the usual $10/player plus $25/team registration fee, this season each team is responsible for a total of $80 registration fee which covers the team registration and  all players and subs for the entire season.  This was voted in by the membership at the end of season event last season and will greatly simplify payments.

Once the season starts, each team will have an “Owed Dues” column on the standings page which will decrement each week by the amount turned in.  For Tuesday, this will be $960 (22 weeks times $40=$880+$80=$960) and for Wednesday this will be $920 (21 weeks times $40=$840+$80=$920.)  The only thing that would cause this number to increase instead of decrease is if a team didn’t turn in the score sheet with the opposing team’s money.  This will make more sense once the season starts.

Website Updates for the 2016-2017 Season

In preparation for the upcoming season, the website has undergone a series of updates.  These changes include:


The Schedules will be made current.
The Rules Page has been updated.
The Locations page has been updated.
The Fees, Fines, and Payouts page has been updated to reflect the new fee structere that was voted in at the end of last season.  I will also make a post here reminding everyone of that new structure before the season starts.
The Captain’s List has been made current.
The 2015 Archive has been created in Past Seasons.
All registered players and teams have been updated for the new season.
The Officers have been updated on the Officers page.
The Bullpen has been made current (if you’d like to add your name to the bullpen, please email djmichaelbasic@gmail.com with your full name, email, phone number and if you can play Tuesday, Wednesday, or Both.

New Season Approaching – Sign Up Deadline

Hey all,

The 2016-2017 season is fast approaching, and while we don’t have an exact start date yet, we are shooting for mid September like usual.  Pete has been sending out emails about signing up your team, but if you haven’t already done so, tomorrow is the deadline, so sign up here:


Fill that form out with as much information as you have.

We can’t build the schedule or do much updating to the website until all the teams are signed up.

We currently have a solid 12 teams signed up for Tuesday, but Wednesday is still a little light, so if anyone is thinking about fielding a Wednesday team, now is the time to get signed up!

Summer Pool Tournaments

During the summer, Ken Blackford will be hosting a Wednesday night pool tournament on the following dates at 7pm:

May 11th, May 25th, June 8th, June 22nd, July 6th.

This schedule may continue throughout the summer based on turnout.

The address is 5634 Glenford St
Baldwin Vista, CA 90008

This event is reserved for Westside 8 Ball League members only!


Games will be played on a single 9 foot pool table.  The tournament will be double elimination.

$10 entry fee.  Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

You must RSVP the week of the event if you plan on attending.  Contact Ken Blackford at (818) 263-9209 or ken@blackford.com
Don’t forget that 90 West hosts a tournament every Monday night at 7pm and Rack n Shack hosts a tournament every Friday night at 7pm.

End of Season Event Recap

At our end of season event, we voted in new officers and a handful of rule changes.

The officers for the 2016-2017 season will be:

President:  Pete Savino
Vice President:  Angela Aquino
Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster:  Mike Schwartz

Grievance Committee:
Angela Aquino (VP Presides)
Marcus Fair (New)
Lawrence Weisdorn
Van Tuck
Michael Lauta (pending acceptance)

Rule Changes:

We used to do 3 fees.  A $25 Team Registration fee, a $10 individual player registration fee, and sub fees.  Excluding the sub fees, a team would pay $65 to enter the league (the $25 team fee and 4x$10 individual fees.)  They would then pay $5 for sub registration fees for the first 2 matches that sub played in.  This was a confusing way to do things.

It was voted in that instead of these fees, each team will now pay an $80 registration fee which will cover all registration and sub fees.  A team can use as many players and subs as they want and the initial $80 will cover it.  If a team ends up not using any subs, their cost of play will increase $15 for the entire season, which works out to less than $5/player, a minimal increase.  This will also bring in more money to the league, as, based on last seasons numbers, the old way brought in $220 in sub fees, where this new way will bring in $330 extra.

Weekly dues remain $40/week for each team, however the team captain will have their $10 dues waived for the first week of play as a small thank you gesture for the hard work of being a captain.

The officers hope everyone enjoys their summer, and we look forward to starting the league up again sometime in late September as usual.  Look for us to contact everyone some time in August to start putting together teams for the 2016-2017 season!

Final Score Sheet Pickup

Sometime on the evening of Monday the 25th, I will stop by Brennan’s and Gabe’s one last time to pick up any outstanding scoresheets and/or dues.

If you owe any money, this is your last chance to turn it in before the end of season party, which will be on May 1st at Scarlet Lady Saloon at 2pm.

Here is a list of teams that still owe money:


Cock & Bull 2:  $100 ($150 with fine)


90 West 3:  $10 ($20 with fine)
Gabe’s 3:  $370 (fine to be determined)
Cozy Inn 2:  $200 ($250 with fine)

I’ve reached out to all of these teams, so nobody is in the dark about what they owe.  If fines end up being levied, they will go directly to league expenses, which normally comes out of the prize fund.  Bottom line is, fines will end up making their way into the prize fund.

Week 27 Results

Check the Wednesday Schedule and Standings pages for all the current league info.

This was the final week of play for the Wednesday night season.  Congratulations to Scarlet Lady for taking 1st place and Gip Gipson for being the top shooter!


Congratulations go out to the following:

Table Run – Bryan Padilla (90 West 3 – Wednesday)

8 Ball Break – Ray Callahan (Cozy Inn 2 – Wednesday), Craig Matthews (Gabe’s 3 – Wednesday)

Honor Roll – Gip Gipson (Scarlet Lady – Wednesday), Al Martinez (Brennan’s 3 – Wednesday), Jason Totaro (90 West 3 – Wednesday), Matthew Weitzman (Cozy Inn 3 – Wednesday), John Gomez (Brennan’s 1 – Wednesday)